Melchizedek School of Ministry

Melchizedek School of Ministry  

Vision: To provide advanced teachings and training on the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.


Purpose:The purpose for Melchizedek School of Ministry is to raise up an end time army of Spirit filled believers who walk in their calling and destiny to fulfill the end time assignment of the Great Commission.


4 weeks per module


Module 1

M1 A- Introduction to self – personal inner healing from wounds from the past

M1 B- Identifying strongholds and hindrances to the Holy Spirit

M1 C- Inner healing & deliverance

M1 D- Identifying personal giftings and abilities for ministry

Module 2

M2 A- 6 attacking curses against you and how to overcome it in your life

M2 B- Introduction to the Holy Spirit and His nature

M2 C– Study of spiritual gifts and callings

M2 D- Dream interpretation and understanding visions

Module 3

M3 A- Introduction to the spirit of witchcraft

M3 B- Spirit of religion – how to identify & expose it in the church

M3 C- Jezebel spirit and her operations and how to overcome it

M3 D- How to identify prophetic witchcraft

Module 4

M4 A- How to overcome the 3 spirits of witchcraft, religion & Jezebel in the church

M4 B- How to prepare for deliverance for someone

M4 C- Benefiting from spiritual fathers & mothers

M4 D- Impartation & anointing service

Certification & Ordination

Ministry Certification at the end of each school

For those who excel in the course, we may consider ministry ordination and spiritual covering under Avivamiento Del Rey Church, Edinburg, Texas.


Dates:     Every Saturday of each month beginning 7th of July 2012

Location:    1604, E. Loeb street, Edinburg,Texas 78542

Time:         5:00 pm – every Saturday


Till the 25th of June 2012

(20 seats only)


 For more information please contact:

Avivamiento Del Rey Church

Pastor David Elijah 956 908 7450

Or email us at:

Or visit us on the web:


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