Melchizedek School of Ministry

1604, E Loeb Street,

Edinburg, Tx 78542

Every Saturday – 5pm till 8 pm


Module 1 – July 2012

Session 1

Laying the Foundation class – your identity in Christ

Suggested reading – Holy Spirit

Session 2

Hindrances to our spiritual growth

6 attacking curses

Suggested reading – Inner healing & Deliverance manual

Session 3

Strongholds / Curses

Personal inner healing


Session 4

Hearing the Voice of God

How to receive revelation knowledge

Suggested reading – Wading

Module 2 – August 2012

Session 1

Principles to guard your relationship

Taming the tongue


Power through prayer and patience

Avoiding temptations

Session 2

Spiritual gifts assessment

Discerning your Callings

The power of intention

Session 3

Identifying and exposing witchcraft

3 spirits that attack you

Session 4

Exposing prophetic witchcraft

Confronting demonic powers

Understanding spiritualism in the church

Module 3 – September 2012

Session 1

The Jezebel spirit

Identifying Jezebel’s prophetic ministry in the church

Breaking Christian witchcraft

Prophetic ministry and familiar spirits

Session 2

When Christian witches attack you

Avoiding Jezebel’s prophets

Avoiding strange fire

4 demon accusations that stop spiritual warriors

Session 3

Identifying the religious spirit

The Kundalini spirit in the church

Session 4

Dream interpretation

Meaning of visions  / Different types of visions

Being translated and transported in the Spirit

Module 4 – October 2012

Session 1

12 functions of prophetic ministry

Purpose of the anointing

Mature prophets in the house of God

Invade, occupy, influence – role of Apostolic reformers

Session 2

Methods for deliverance

Taking authority over demons

Session 3

Ministry can be dangerous to your health

Planting a church in your city

Benefiting from spiritual fathers and mothers

Suggested reading -Releasing the ability of God through prayer

Session 4

True Apostolic ministry / 7 steps to Apostolic ministry

Healthy church systems

Ministry certification and ordination

Spiritual covering & mentorship for those whom God ordains.


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