Module 1

Module 1- day one – Foundation class for Melchizedek School of Ministry

Why we do what we do!

Ephesians 6: 10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

11 Put on the whole armor of God, that all of you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that all of you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Ephesians 4:11 It was he who gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers,

12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, that is, to build up the body of Christ,

13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God – a mature person, attaining to the measure of Christ’s full stature.

14 So we are no longer to be children, tossed back and forth by waves and carried about by every wind of teaching by the trickery of people who craftily carry out their deceitful schemes.

15 But practicing the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Christ, who is the head.

16 From him the whole body grows, fitted and held together through every supporting ligament. As each one does its part, the body grows in love.

You must know why before you learn how to do!

Why Melchizedek – It is your identity in Christ

There is a huge identity crisis in the body.

The enemy is constantly attacking our identity in HIM. Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

But the Word establishes our identity according to what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.

This is critical for us to understand, as we can only be what our hearts tell us.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Jesus said, out of the heart proceeds

Out of your innermost being shall flow

And again, the kingdom of God is within you

So let us examine the Scriptures for our identity

Genesis 14:18: And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.

Psalms 110:4: The LORD has sworn, and will not repent, You are a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.

Hebrews 5:6: As He says also in another place, “You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.”

Hebrews 5:10: being called by God a high priest after the order of Melchizedek;

Hebrews 6:20: where the Forerunner has entered for us, even Jesus, having become a high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.

Hebrews 7:1: For this Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest of the Most High God, met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him.

Hebrews 7:10: For he was still in the loins of his father when Melchizedek met him.

Hebrews 7:11: Therefore if perfection were by the Levitical priesthood (for under it the people received the Law), what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchizedek, and not be called after the order of Aaron?

Hebrews 7:15: And it is still far more evident, since there arises a different priest after the likeness of Melchizedek,

Hebrews 7:17: For He testifies, “You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.”

Hebrews 7:21: (for those priests were made without an oath, but this one was made with an oath by Him who said to Him, “The Lord swore and will not repent, You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek,”)

So, we are also in the order of Melchizedek in Christ!

Revelations 1:5-6 even from Jesus Christ the faithful Witness, the First-born from the dead and the Ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood,

6 and made us kings and priests to God and His Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

I Peter 2:9: But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for possession, so that you might speak of the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

Principle of faith,

Principle of flow,

4 keys to hearing God’s voice,

The discovery of the flow and

The origin of the River

The wounds of ones soul need to be healed by Me so that My river within his spirit can flow out through the human vessel freely and without hindrance. Inner healing heals the brokenness the soul experiences when one is living as a self-conscious individual. Thus it serves an important function in allowing the full release of My Spirit out through the human vessel.

Scripture references regarding our position in Christ

I do nothing on my own initiative (Jn. 5:19,20,30). Doing His will
John 5: 19 Then Jesus answered and said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself but what He sees the Father do. For whatever things He does, these also the Son does likewise.

20 For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all the things that He Himself does. And He will show Him greater works than these, so that you may marvel.

It is Christ at work in us to will and to work of His good pleasure (Phil. 2:13). I will make you fishers of men, He has made us to be kings and priests unto His God – Revelation 1

Out of your innermost being shall flow (Jn. 7:37-39). – divine flow of the Holy Spirit from within – the kingdom is within you

Young men shall see visions and old men will dream dreams (Acts 2:17).

Come let us reason together (Is. 1:18). – Spirit of Wisdom

Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit (Lk. 4:14). –

Preparation in the desert– through fasting, prayer and overcoming Satan

The love of God has been poured out within our hearts (Rom. 5:5). All ministry flows out of divine love– the power and the gifts are in the love of God. HE IS LOVE – 1 John 4:8

The Spirit of God is upon me because He has anointed me to (Lk. 4:18). –

Anointing for service – baptism of Holy Spirit and fire – Matthew 3 16

Looking to Christ, the author and finisher (Heb. 12:1,2). –

Clarifying vision

God gives grace to the humble (Jas. 4:6). – Developing humility inside us

a transforming of ourselves into the image and nature of His SON.

Jesus healed all who were oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38). –

Power to set the captives free – command of Jesus to His disciples to heal the sick, cast out devils cleanse the lepers and preach the good news.

The Self I   The Christ I
I Live Christ Lives Within
By My Strength   By the Holy Spirit
Living Self Conscious   Living Christ Conscious
An Unhealed and Un anointed Vessel   A Healed and Anointed Vessel
The Picture
A branch cut off from the tree
  The Picture
A branch grafted into the tree – abiding
Distinctives:   Distinctives:
Self initiative = puny   Divine initiative = mighty
Self awareness = limiting   Divine awareness = unlimited
Self flow = ineffective   Divine flow = effective
Self imaginations = vain   Divine pictures = powerful and healing
Self reasoning = vain   Divine thoughts = a wisdom not of this age
Self love = limited   Divine love = unlimited
Self efforts = puny   Divine enabling = mighty
Self focus = limited   Divine focus = unlimited
Self worship = pride   Divine worship = humility
Self accomplishment = weak   Divine accomplishment = mighty and majestic

1 Principle of Faith

But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6).

2 Principle of flow

“He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” But this spake He of the Spirit, which they that believe on Him should receive…(Jn. 7:38,39).

3 Faith in Flow” Principle

The gifts of the Holy Spirit operate through the one who, in faith, yields his outer faculties to the control of the river of God within him.

– or condensed to –

In faith, yield your outer faculties to flow.

For example:

The mind yielded to flow = anointed reasoning, word of wisdom, word of knowledge

The mouth yielded to flow = tongues, interpretation, proph­ecy, persuasiveness of speech

The heart yielded to flow = God’s voice, distinguishing of spirits, faith, peace, unrest

The hands yielded to flow = miracles, healing

The eyes yielded to flow = dream and vision, divine perspec­tive

Take a few minutes to ponder what has been said, for you can press in and learn to operate the gifts of the Holy Spirit if you will but yield your outer faculties to the river of God within you. Once God gives you revelation concerning this, you will begin operating in the supernatural. Don’t put it off. Stop and ponder and meditate and receive this revelation. Your life will go on whether you operate in this revelation or not. But, if you will receive it and live in it, you will be a supernatural manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit in the world today.

Four keys to hearing God’s voice:

How do I move from my head to my heart, from self-awareness to Spirit- awareness?

God gave me four keys for doing this:

1.Become still (Ps. 46:10)

2.Look for vision (Heb.12:1,2) Hab 2

3.Listen to the voice of God by tuning to spontaneity (Jn.7:37-39)

4.Journal—write down the inner flow (Hab.2:1,2).

The Discovery of Flow

PAGA: Learning about flow has been one of the greatest revelations of my life. Jack Hayford was speaking on the word paga, the Hebrew Old Testament word or intercession. He taught that it meant, “to strike or light upon by chance,” or “an accidental intersecting.”

When God leads me to pray and intercede for a person, He sends thoughts which “strike or light upon me by chance” or which “accidentally intersect” my thought processes. I would call them ”chance encounter thoughts” or “spontaneous thoughts,” in that they come to me without my analyzing or thinking. They just light upon my mind. God sends them. I don’t think them up.

Each of us has probably experienced this phenomenon as we have driven down the road and had a thought light upon our minds to pray for a certain person. That was paga or God’s voice calling us to intercession. That was the river flowing within us. That was flow. That was spontaneity.

Each of us has experienced the anointing, which comes when we find ourselves praying in flow, or worshiping in flow, or working in flow. It is an exhilarating, life-giving, anointed experience, which makes our efforts more effective than if we are just doing these activities under our own strength. Inflow, we connect to the river of God and the indwelling Spirit takes over the activity, and it is God doing the work through us rather than us doing it on our own. It is now a living work (i.e. inaugurated and sustained by the Holy Spirit) rather than a dead work (i.e. inaugurated and sustained by self-effort—Heb.6:1,2)


NABA: God then showed me the literal definition of the Hebrew word naba, an Old Testament word translated “true prophecy.” The literal definition is “to bubble up.” So when I want to proph­esy, I come to God in faith, asking Him to speak prophetically through me, and then tune to that which is bubbling up within me. “Bubbling up” sure sounds a lot like “flow” or “spontaneity” or “lighting upon by chance” to me. Now, with a flash of revelation, I saw that I must become trained in naba. I must become skilled in listening for and expressing what is bubbling up from the river within my heart. I need training on living with my eyes fixed on Jesus, my faith placed squarely in God, and my heart tuned to spontaneity. If I can learn the art of living this way, then I will find myself living out of the river of God, out of the anointing of God, out of the gifts of the Holy Spirit Who is within me. I will return to supernatural Christianity, rather than rational Christianity. I will live, not out of reason, analysis, and cognition, but, instead, out of flow, spontaneity, and “the bubble.”

Could supernatural Christianity be this easy—as easy as fixing my eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:1,2), quieting myself down into my heart and spirit, tuning to flow, and then expressing what is flowing out through me? Yes, I believe it can be this easy. I believe it is this easy. Christianity must be simple enough for children, because the Bible says we must become like little children if we want to enter the kingdom (Matt. 18:3).

The Origin of The River

This river does not start in our hearts. It originates in the throne room of God.

The beloved disciple John saw it in a vision God gave him on the Isle of Patmos:

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb (Rev. 22:1).

The river doesn’t start with us. It begins in God, in the heavens, and it flows through our hearts, transforming our lives.

We must tune to it and allow it to flow effectively and continuously out through the capacities of our souls, transforming us into living expressions of the Body of Christ, and empowering, anointing, and equipping us with God’s magnificent grace.

The Connections Within Us That Allow the River to Flow

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing (Jn. 15:5).

We are grafted into Jesus, the Holy Spirit is joined to our spirits, and we have become one spirit with Him (I Cor. 6:17). Now this river, which comes from the throne of God, can flow, even as sap flows from the vine to the branch, through the Holy Spirit who is joined to our spirits.

The Results of Allowing This River to Flow

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper (Ps. 1:3).

As we allow the river to flow out through the capacities of our souls, transforming our beings, we become like trees planted by this river of life, and the fruit that is born in our lives does not wither, and whatever we do, prospers, for they are no longer our fruit, but instead are borne by the river of God within us. We become deepened individuals, not confined to rationalism, cognition, or outer sense knowledge, but living out of the flow of our spirits, which can now guide any outer faculty, which we yield to it.

Psalm 1:2 tells what makes us like a tree planted by the rivers of water:

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

Meditation on the Bible can produce this lifestyle. Let’s simply say that study alone is generally a left-brain activity, whereas meditation is a whole-brain plus heart activity.

How different from the rationalism which I was taught all through school and college! How absolutely, diametrically op­posed to all that, flow is. Perhaps that is why so many pastors lose their fire for God and their intimacy with Him in Bible school and seminary, because these institutions train the mind (i.e. rational­ism) rather than training the heart (i.e. Spirit encounter). Perhaps they train flow out of a person, rather than training him to live continuously in flow (i.e. walking and living in the Spirit).

 The fol­lowing is an initial list of things, which can build the anointing:

Prayer—for insight, revelation, illumination;

Worship—coming before God’s throne and into His pres­ence

Reading the Bible under the illumination of the Spirit;

Asking for the anointing—in prayer and in faith believ­ing;

Receiving the anointing—in faith;

Speaking forth under the anointing—in faith;

Receiving the anointing of the gathered community—corporate anointing bounces back and forth among the gathered community and is multiplied as it does so.

Personal Application

1. Are you tuned to inner sensations from your spirit, or do you live more from your outer senses? Are you prepared to put forth the effort to learn to live from inner senses?

2. Have you connected your mouth to flow and learned to prophesy? Are you willing to put forth the effort to learn to yield your tongue to the Holy Spirit so you can prophesy?

3. Have you learned to hear from God through your dreams? Have you received training in how to interpret the symbols in dreams? Are you willing to examine all the dreams in the Bible and see how God interprets symbolism? 6

4. Have you experienced the spontaneous joy of the LORD? Are you willing to learn to enjoy the experience of the flow of re­newal? Are you willing to put forth the effort to learn how to conduct services with specific anointings in them?


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